How To Create Your Own Digital Products In Less Than a Day

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There are tons of different ways to make money online that can be QUITE lucrative in your quest to earn a living online. Some better than others. Such as: affiliate marketing – My personal favorite…

Google Adsense – Affiliates can and are crushing it with adsense. You have to do it right though. CPA (call to action) – With CPA advertising, you can live quite well. Must also be done right. Payoffs can be HUGE!

You can either google 100’s of other ways or you can just read my blog daily.

Either way you go, there’s nothing more satisfying, whether you’ve been doing this for awhile or not, in my opinion, is the way that you’ll feel, ( I’m talking “pride and joy” in ownership here) once you own, and control, your OWN, digital product(s)

Trust me, once you’ve learned how to create and market your own digital product, ALL of the earnings are your’s alone to keep. You’ll be amazed at the incredible boost in your earnings that you’ll start seeing.

I’m going to outline a few different ways that you can start immediately, to sell your very own, digital products online in as little time as possible.

There are some great benefits to owning your own digital products instead of marketing someone else’s. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Because it’s yours, YOU make ALL the rules.
  • You get to set the product at whatever price YOU want.
  • Fast List building. You’ll be amazed at how fast you start to build a reputation for yourself. (In this business, reputation is everything)

I won’t list them all here but there are many other benefits such as your own affiliates and you’ll start to grow a buyers list as well.

If you’re reading this now congratulations. Because right now the internet is overflowing with SUPER LUCRATIVE income possibilities and opportunities. Affiliates are kicking ass online right now.

You’ll find that different affiliates use different tactics.

Some affiliates market on social media all day, while the more advanced affiliates may spend their time looking for “low hanging fruit”, ( lower competition ), using more SEo, such as “higher search volume keywords”, even paid SEO, in their attempt to gain higher search engine rankings for their “money blogs”, adsense sites, ect.

Other affiliates go that “extra mile” and use P.P.C. (pay per click) marketing/advertising. This is more advanceed. You have to know what you’re doing to be successful with this type of marketing

The payoff is worth it though. PPC is a great way to grow your income through CPA offers and build your list.

The possibilities for making money online are literally endless. You would be amazed at some of the niches that people are making money from. ( more on that later )

Now you’re asking “if that’s the case then why is creating my own digital product so much more “valuable”, and more profitable then other “make money online” methods?”

I’ll sum it up in one word…control. (remember the first benifit above)

Today I’m going to cover some of the pros (some of which I already covered) as well as some of the cons you will run into. And as a bonus I’ll reveal a few incredible ways for you to get your very own product up and running within 24 to 48 hours! Cool huh.

I will also tell you how I started and what I did to get my first product up and running.

I told you a few of the benefits/pros already so to be fair, here are a few of the cons as well.

Actually the only real con is customer service. You’ll be dealing directly with the customer. So you’ll be taking care of refunds. Questions and complaints. If you aren’t a people person than you may find this daunting.

However you can circumvent this by outsourcing these task.

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So now for the fun part…How to get your own digital product created quickly?

I will not be covering picking a product nor picking a niche today. If I do, we’ll be here all day. If you want me to cover those in another article then please leave a comment below. You can however Click here for a Free course called Killer Niche Finder.

What I am going to cover is the product creation process, along with three very efficient ( pretty smart and pretty cool) ways of going about it. Here we go:

How to Create Your Own Digital Product In Less Than a Day:

Purchase a PLR eBook and simply re-write it.

This is probably the fastest way that most affiliate marketers started out. It’s how I started. It’s easy. It’s powerful. And it’s completely viable. All of the content has already been created. You simply go through it and well re-write it.

Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Put your name on it.
  • You can change the structure of the ebook by adding images.
  • Add a footer pointing back to an affiliate product.
  • Add other affiliate links.
  • You can go to and get graphics or a get new cover completly, for almost nothing.
  • Set your Price to sell.
  • List it on Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus ect. (don’t forget to add an affiliate resource section so you can now get others to promote for you)

Guess what…You now have your own digital product that you can now cash in on…immediately!

Gather 30 to 50 PLR articles:

Get them organized and re-written using the same criteria that you used to re-write the eBook. You then follow the same advice as above to get your PLR making you money. In all reality you CAN get by with fewer articles, you’ll just have to make sure that your content is VERY HIGH QUALITY. It also needs to be able to solve whatever the customer’s problem is.

**I know you’re sweating about “where to find the PLR”, don’t worry, I got you. Click here for a free course called “PLR Profits”.**

Last but not least; Become a forum reporter! (Whaatt!)

If you don’t know, forum’s are just another way for “like-minded” marketers to communicate with each other. You can just go to and type in “your niche forums” (replace “your niche” with whatever your niche is) and you will find plenty of them to join.

This is extremely powerful for you, as it will allow you to create a high quality product that will actually give the customer both “real-world” info and “real world” strategies, instead of a batch of unproven theories. Make sure that you also make a list with the most frequently asked questions in that particular thread.

Now you simply go through all of the threads and make another list with all of the “good” answers that were given by the other posters who replied to the questions. Then organzize all of the data from the list you created, put it into a pdf file, and Shazaam! There’s your product.

Now the truth of the matter is this: you can take all three of these methods and run with them. When it comes to digital product creation, the heights that you can achieve are endless. There are literally countless ways that you can package your product. And don’t limit yourself either. Think outside the box. You can also make audios. Videos, ect. You can even add them to a membership site and charge monthly.

You can make even more money by converting your product/s into different physiscal formats such as; dvd’s, cd’s, manuals, ect. that you actually have to ship to your customers. This is extra work I know, but I myself have seen that what normally would have sold say for $47 as a digital download but was instead shipped as a complete physical product for $297 (without the upgrades mind you)

Remember: think outside the box!

P.S. If you want to take it to the next level here Is a FREE workshop by one of the industries best when it comes to product creation. Click here

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